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Qiddiya Reveals Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium Atop Breathtaking 200m-High Tuwaiq Cliff

  • Transforming Saudi Entertainment: A Groundbreaking Multi-Use Venue Takes Center Stage.

Qiddiya Investment Company Breaks Ground on Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium

In a groundbreaking announcement on Monday, the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) revealed the initiation of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium, a transformative multi-functional venue set to redefine entertainment, sports, and cultural events in Saudi Arabia.

Perched atop the breathtaking 200m-high Tuwaiq cliff near Riyadh, this iconic stadium reflects Qiddiya’s commitment to the Power of Play philosophy.

Designed by the renowned architectural firm Populous, the stadium is poised to be the first fully integrated venue, featuring a distinctive combination of a retractable roof, pitch, and an LED wall.

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Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium with Cutting-Edge Design

Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has unveiled the innovative Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium, positioned to revolutionize entertainment, sports, and cultural events in Saudi Arabia. Designed by the renowned architectural firm Populous, the stadium, situated atop the Tuwaiq cliff near Riyadh, features a transformative LED wall for live broadcasts, films, and laser shows, offering an immersive experience for visitors.

Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, highlighted the stadium’s pivotal role in establishing Qiddiya City as a global entertainment, sports, and cultural hub. The venue, incorporating advanced technology and a unique design, aims to engage spectators through interactive experiences with holographic technology and virtual celebrity interactions.

Strategically located in Qiddiya City, the stadium is connected to the vibrant Gaming & Esport District and other entertainment offerings. Accessible via various transportation modes, it is in proximity to extensive shopping, dining, and hotel facilities.

With a seating capacity of 45,000, the multi-use stadium will serve as the home ground for Al Hilal and Al Nassr football clubs and is a proposed venue for the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium: A Hub for Major Regional Events and Sustainable Practices

Qiddiya Investment Company’s announcement of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium, designed by Populous, highlights its role as a venue set to host major regional sports events like the Saudi King Cup and the Asian Cup. The stadium’s climate-controlled facilities, incorporating an eco-friendly cooling lake for energy efficiency, enable year-round event hosting, aligning with sustainable practices in the region.

Anticipated to attract 1.8 million annual visits, the stadium stands as a cornerstone of Vision 2030, contributing to the development of a vibrant society, economic growth, and an ambitious nation. It is poised to play a significant role in driving tourism and job creation.

This unveiling is part of a series of developments following the Crown Prince’s transformative vision for Qiddiya City, emphasizing the Power of Play philosophy. The Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium marks a significant milestone in the development of Qiddiya City’s world-first multi-use Gaming & Esports District, with further announcements expected in the coming weeks. (Source Saudi gazette )

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