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Omani Riyal To PKR 8 November 2023 – OMR to PKR

Omani Riyal To PKR: As of 08, November 2023, the interbank currency rate for Omani Riyal To PKR is 746.95 Pakistani Rupees. The exchange rate of Omani rial to PKR is provided by the State Bank of Pakistan, However, there might be a slight difference between interbank and open market exchange rates. The Omani Riyal to PKRrate may fluctuate throughout the day due to various factors.

Omani Riyal To PKR 8 November 2023 – OMR to PKR
Omani Riyal To PKR 08 November 2023 – OMR to PKR

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Omani Riyal To PKR 08 November 2023

Following are the exchange rate Omani Rial to PKR in the interbank and open market provided by the State Bank of Pakistan on the weekend.

Today Omani Riyal To PKR Interbank

08 November 2023PKR 738.95PKR 746.95
Omani Riyal To PKR

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How much is 1 Omani rial rate in Pakistani rupees?

1 Omani Rial (OMR) to Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is Rs. 746.95

Why is the Omani Rial so strong?

The Omani Riyal is known for being one of the strongest currencies globally, mainly because Oman has a strong economy with low inflation. Additionally, the country has a good balance between its debt and GDP, and its banking system is stable and efficient. These aspects make Oman an attractive choice for investors, which in turn helps maintain the strength and stability of its currency.

Is Oman a rich country?

Oman’s economy is centered around agriculture, with a strong focus on this sector. However, a significant portion of the country’s GDP and government income is derived from activities related to oil. As of 2023, Oman has a GDP per capita of $21,960, making it one of the most affluent Arab countries in the region.

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