Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pakistani Tik Toker shot dead by a friend.

  • According to the details, the mystery of the dead body found on New Year’s night has been solved, the Sachal police have arrested two young tik tokers and registered a case against them.

The Sachal police successfully unraveled the mystery surrounding the discovery of a deceased body on New Year’s night, resulting in the arrest of two young TikTok users.

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According to police officials, Armaan Anwar, the victim, was present at the residence of a friend’s friend, Sameer, who arrived with a pistol for a TikTok video. During the video shoot, Sameer unintentionally discharged the firearm, causing a fatal shot.

Subsequently, Sameer and Salman disposed of Armaan’s body in a garbage dump along the Super Highway before fleeing the scene. The pistol, owned by Sameer, became a crucial piece of evidence, leading to the arrest of both Sameer and Salman on charges of concealing the body.

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