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Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 16 November 2023

The latest update on Petrol Prices in Pakistan brings some relief for consumers in Pakistan. Petrol prices have dropped by Rs. 2.04 per litre, making the new rate Rs. 281.34 per litre. High-Speed Diesel (HSD) sees a significant reduction of Rs. 6.47 per litre, now priced at Rs. 296.71 per litre.

Similarly, the prices for Kerosene and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) have also decreased, with Kerosene now at Rs. 204.98 per litre and LDO at Rs. 180.45 per litre. This adjustment aims to ease the burden on consumers and provide a more affordable fuel experience.

Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 16 November 2023
Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 16 November 2023

Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 16 November 2023

As of November 16, 2023, there have been adjustments in fuel prices in Pakistan. Here’s a summary of the changes:

High Speed Diesel (HSD)303.18296.71-6.47
Kerosene Oil211.03204.986.05
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)189.46180.45-9.01
Petrol Prices From 16 November 2023
  1. Petrol:
    • Old Price: PKR 283.38 per litre
    • New Price: PKR 281.34 per litre
    • Change: -PKR 2.04
  2. High-Speed Diesel (HSD):
    • Old Price: PKR 303.18 per litre
    • New Price: PKR 296.71 per litre
    • Change: -PKR 6.47
  3. Kerosene Oil:
    • Old Price: PKR 211.03 per litre
    • New Price: PKR 204.98 per litre
    • Change: -PKR 6.05
  4. Light Diesel Oil (LDO):
    • Old Price: PKR 189.46 per litre
    • New Price: PKR 180.45 per litre
    • Change: -PKR 9.01

These adjustments reflect a decrease in petrol and diesel prices, providing some relief to consumers. It’s important to stay updated on such changes for a better understanding of the current economic scenario.

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