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Samsung Mobile Prices in Pakistan – January 2024

In a recent update, Samsung has adjusted the prices of its mobile phones, effective from January 1, 2024. As outlined in the company’s official price list, several models have experienced a reduction in their prices. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing competitiveness with more affordable Chinese brands in the market.

Samsung Mobile Phone Prices – January 2024

As per the updated price list, Samsung’s mobile phone range commences with the A04, priced at Rs. 31,500, and Rs. 35,500 for the 3GB-32GB and 4GB-64GB variants, respectively. Moving on to the A04s, the 4GB-64GB model is listed at Rs. 39,999, while the 4GB-128GB variant is priced at Rs. 43,999.

In the mid-range segment, the Samsung Galaxy A13 with 4GB-64GB configuration is available for Rs. 57,999. Meanwhile, the newer Galaxy A14 is priced at Rs. 56,999 and Rs. 59,999 for the 4GB-128GB and 6GB-128GB variants, respectively.

Stepping into higher tiers, the Galaxy A33 now comes at a cost of Rs. 112,500 for the 8GB-128GB variant. Likewise, the Galaxy A53 is priced at Rs. 133,999 for the 8GB-128GB configuration.

Expanding the lineup, the Galaxy A24 is available at a starting price of Rs. 72,999 for the base variant featuring 6GB-128GB, while the 8GB-128GB variant is listed at Rs. 79,999. Moving up, the Galaxy A34 with 8GB-256GB configuration is priced at Rs. 114,999, and the Galaxy A54 with 8GB-256GB comes in at Rs. 140,999.

Venturing into Samsung’s flagship category, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is available at Rs. 334,999 for the 8GB-256GB variant, while the 8GB-512GB variant is priced at Rs. 359,999. Additionally, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is offered at Rs. 559,999 and Rs. 599,999 for the 12GB-256GB and 12GB-512GB variants, respectively.

In the S series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is priced at Rs. 424,999 for the 12GB-256GB variant. Concluding the range, the Galaxy S23 FE is listed at Rs. 184,999 for the 8GB-128GB variant, and the 8GB-256GB model is priced at Rs. 204,999.

Samsung Mobile Prices – January 2024

Samsung Mobile Phone Prices – January 2024

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