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Saudi Arabia Doubles Maximum Fine to SR6,000 for Dodging Vehicles

  • Speed dodging is a significant traffic violation that can lead to various substantial fines.
Saudi Arabia Doubles Maximum Fine to SR6,000 for Dodging Vehicles

The General Department of Traffic in Saudi Arabia has officially categorized speed dodging between vehicles as a serious offense under traffic regulations. Violators could face substantial fines ranging from SR3,000 to SR6,000, according to an announcement on their X account.

The department emphasized that this reckless maneuver poses a risk of loss of control and severe accidents. Penalties for the violation include eight demerit points on the driver’s license, a 30-day suspension of the license, and a potential maximum three-month jail term. The current maximum fine for speed dodging stands at SR3,000.

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Saudi Arabia’s General Department of Traffic has declared speed dodging, a hazardous and illegal driving maneuver, as a serious offense that endangers all road users. Speed dodging involves rapid acceleration, weaving through traffic, tailgating, and passing on the shoulder.

The department has emphasized the significant risks associated with this maneuver, highlighting the potential for collisions and severe consequences, including serious injuries or fatalities.

To curb this dangerous behavior, hefty fines ranging from SR3,000 to SR6,000 have been imposed, along with penalties such as eight demerit points, a 30-day license suspension, and a possible three-month jail term. The maximum fine for speed dodging was previously set at SR3,000.

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