Friday, July 12, 2024

Saudi Arabia to Simplify Visa Application Process and Boost Tourism:

In a move to streamline visa procedures and enhance tourism prospects, Saudi Arabia announces the launch of the “Saudi Visa” platform. This initiative aims to facilitate a more straightforward application process, aligning with the country’s broader efforts to attract a significant influx of tourists in the future.

Saudi Arabia Unveils "Saudi Visa" Platform to Simplify Visa Application Process and Boost Tourism:

Umrah Companies to Transform into Tourism Entities, Introducing “Visit” Instead of “Visa”

In the future, Umrah companies are expected to undergo a significant transition into the broader tourism sector. A notable change in terminology will be the use of “visit” in place of “visa,” aiming for a more inclusive and welcoming experience.

These companies will take on an expanded role, becoming responsible for a range of services, including accommodation, transportation, and the provision of diverse tourism programs. The traditional concept of ground service is anticipated to fade away as these entities evolve to meet the changing dynamics of the industry.


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