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Saudi Gold Price Today – 29 October 2023

Saudi Gold Price Today - 29 October 2023
Saudi Gold Price Today- 29 October 2023

On Sunday, 29 October 2023, the Saudi Gold Price Today is as follows:

Saudi Gold Price Today

  • 24-K Gold: The gold rate per 10 grams is 2418.70 SAR
  • 24-K Gold: The gold rate per 1 Tola ( 11.66 grams ) is 2821.17 SAR.
  • 22-K Gold: The gold rate per 10 grams is 2217.10  SAR.
  • 22-K Gold: The gold rate per 1 Tola ( 11.66 grams ) is 2586.03 SAR.

These rates provide an indication of the current value of gold in Saudi Arabia. Please note that gold prices may fluctuate throughout the day due to various market factors.

Click on the link below for the latest gold rate in Dubai today.

Gold Rate In Dubai

Saudi Gold Price Today 24K – 22K

Gold WeightSaudi Gold Price Today
Gold 24K per 1 Gram241.87
Gold 22K per 1 Gram221.71
Gold 24K per 10 Grams2418.70
Gold 22K per 10 Grams2217.10 
Gold 24K per Tola2821.17
Gold 22K per Tola2586.03 

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Gold Price today, as well as in global markets, remains in a constant state of flux. Therefore, this post may occasionally reflect variations. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to consistently providing you with the most up-to-date and live Gold Rates in Saudi Arabia’s bullion market.

Please be aware that the prices presented here are intended solely for educational purposes and should not serve as the sole basis for your trading decisions. For the utmost accuracy in pricing, we strongly recommend consulting your local bullion market, as it is your most reliable source for professional rates.

Gold Rate In KSA

What is the price of 1 tola gold in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Gold Price today are as follows:
SAR 2418.70 for 10 grams of gold.
SAR 2821.17 for one tola of gold.

How much is 1 gram 22K gold rate in Saudi Arabia?

The current gold prices for 22-karat gold in Saudi Arabia are as follows:
Gram Price: SAR 221.71
Ounce Price: SAR 6,285.36
Kilo Price: SAR 221,710

Is gold cheaper in Saudi Arabia than in Pakistan?

Gold purchased in Saudi Arabia may not necessarily be cheaper than in countries like India or Pakistan. However, one significant advantage of buying gold in Saudi Arabia is the high purity standards. Saudi Arabia is known for offering gold of exceptional purity, which can be a crucial factor for many buyers seeking quality and value in their gold purchases.

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