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Toyota Yaris Price In Pakistan – November 2023

Toyota Yaris Price In Pakistan – November 2023

Indus Motor Company (IMC) has recently unveiled a noteworthy reduction in pricing, encompassing the entire spectrum of Toyota Yaris variations within the Pakistani market.

Latest Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan November 2023

The automotive industry saw a wave of price reductions due to the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) strengthening against the US Dollar (USD) for several consecutive weeks. Below is the comprehensive list of prices for all Toyota Yaris variants in Pakistan.

VariantNew Price (PKR)
YARIS 1.3 GLI MT4,399,000
YARIS 1.3 CLI CVT4,689,000
YARIS 1.3 ATIV MT4,659,000
YARIS 1.3 ATIV CVT4,899,000
YARIS 1.3 ATIV CVT Aero5,099,000
YARIS 1.5 ATIV X MT5,309,000
YARIS 1.5 ATIV X CVT5,649,000
YARIS 1.5 ATIV X CVT Aero5,849,000
Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan

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What is the price of the Toyota Yaris 2023 in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the price of the 2023 Toyota Yaris varies from PKR 4,399,000 for the base variant GLI MT 1.3 to PKR 5,849,000 for the top-of-the-line AERO CVT 1.5 variant. These prices are ex-factory.

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