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UAE: Authorities Intercept Two Illegal Immigrants Concealed in Tiny Boxes Under Vehicles

  • Law enforcement officers were compelled to forcefully open the rear bumpers of the vehicles to locate men concealed within a cramped 2-foot space.

In a thwarted attempt to cross into the UAE, two infiltrators were discovered concealed within small iron boxes installed under the rear trunks of two SUVs. The Sharjah Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Authority (SPCFZA) successfully foiled the infiltration bid. The authority has not disclosed the specific customs terminal where the individuals were apprehended.

  • The hiding spots of the illegal individuals were exposed through X-ray scanners (refer to the left end of the image below)

A video released by the authority depicts officers forcibly opening the rear bumpers of the vehicles, revealing the presence of the illegal individuals concealed in a 2-foot box. The video, available below, displays the individuals tightly squeezed in the confined space, with minimal room for movement.

The infiltrators were found without any documents in their possession. Both the drivers of the vehicles and the individuals attempting to infiltrate have been handed over to the appropriate legal authorities for further proceedings.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Raisi, Director of Terminals and Border Points Affairs at SPCFZA, emphasized that infiltration ranks among the authority’s foremost concerns. He stated, “The UAE’s substantial economic and developmental progress contributes to this threat, making the country a target for a segment of people.”

The Sharjah Customs utilizes a sophisticated system designed to thwart all forms of smuggling attempts across ports. This system is also adept at countering individuals and criminal networks attempting to compromise the security of the nation and its citizens.

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