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Dhak Dhak weaves the tale of adventurous women whose spirits are enamored with the thrill of exploration.

It’s an undeniable truth that in today’s society, navigating life as a boy is often less challenging than navigating it as a girl.

The film ‘Dhak Dhak’ mirrors these societal attitudes, shedding light on the unseen and untold struggles of women. It unfolds as the story of four women planning a motorcycle journey from New Delhi to Khardangla. Situated in India, Khardangla stands at an elevation of 18 thousand feet above sea level, deemed the dream destination for every motorcycle enthusiast.

The allure of this expedition lies in the fascinating interplay as four women, each from diverse backgrounds, unite over shared experiences. Together, they navigate a succession of challenges, unraveling not just the path ahead but also unveiling layers of self-discovery and inner strength. Amidst the journey, laughter punctuates the air, moments of joy are savored, breakdowns are confronted head-on, yet they resiliently rise, forging ahead with unwavering determination towards the realization of their collective dream.

The film’s narrative kicks off with Skye (Fatima Sana Shaikh), a YouTuber and Vlogger haunted by a past online scandal, in search of a new story. In the course of her quest, she encounters Mahi (Ratna Pathak Shah), cast in the role of a ‘grandmother,’ who, having mastered motorcycle riding, aims to liberate herself from dependence on others for shelter and transportation. The duo wins a bike as a prize in a raffle.

In a workshop, Skye and Mahi cross paths with Uzma (Dia Mirza), a burqa-clad housewife possessing remarkable motorcycle mechanic skills. Concerned about her husband’s shift to a conventional role post-love marriage and with a daughter to consider, Uzma joins Skye and Mahi’s venture.

The fourth character, Manjari (Sanjana Sanghi), on the verge of an arranged marriage, opts to partake in a plan she discovers in an online ad, seeking one last taste of life’s freedom. As the journey unfolds, encountering highs and lows, a water obstacle disrupts the plan, leading to emotional turmoil. The film unfolds the resolution of this predicament, inviting viewers to witness the unfolding drama.

Directed by Taran Dodeja, known for his works such as ‘Freddy’ and ‘Ghanchakar,’ the film also bears his imprint on the script. Notably, the esteemed director Rajkumar Hirani contributed to the screenplay, a gesture acknowledged even before the film commences.

In his directorial endeavor, Taran Dodeja underscores the notion that rather than stifling women’s aspirations, providing them with equal opportunities can instigate a positive transformation within society.

The film boasts commendable musical compositions and background scores. The picturesque landscapes of mountains and verdant fields add to the visual allure, with cinematography that is truly captivating.

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