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Dubai Road Closures for New Year’s Eve 2024 Revealed

As Dubai prepares for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, road closures have been announced to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic during the festive events. The road closures are part of the city’s comprehensive plan to manage the high volumes of visitors expected to gather at various iconic locations to welcome the New Year.

Dubai’s Events Security Committee (ESC) has unveiled a comprehensive plan to ensure the security of New Year’s Eve festivities across the city. In a press conference held on Wednesday, the ESC provided details of the security, organizational, and service plans for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai.

The comprehensive security plan involves the deployment of a total of 11,972 personnel, including 5,574 police officers, along with 1,525 patrols, civil defense teams, and ambulance vehicles. This extensive deployment aims to guarantee the smooth management of the New Year’s Eve 2024 celebrations, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors participating in the festivities.

New Security Mechanism for Dubai’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations

The Events Security Committee (ESC) in Dubai has introduced a new security mechanism for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, dividing the emirate into four sectors: North, Central, West, and the Maritime sector. This innovative approach aims to enhance security operations, deliver high-quality services to the public, and optimize the use of human resources through effective collaboration with partners.

The division of Dubai into these sectors reflects a strategic approach to managing security and services during the New Year’s Eve festivities. By organizing resources in this manner, authorities seek to ensure a comprehensive and efficient response to the unique demands of each sector, contributing to a safe and enjoyable celebration for residents and visitors alike.

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To ensure that everyone in Dubai can partake in the New Year’s Eve festivities, the Events Security Committee (ESC), in collaboration with the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai, has organized designated viewing areas for the worker community. These viewing areas, equipped with six screens and food services, aim to provide a safe and enjoyable space for workers to witness the fireworks and engage in the celebrations without contributing to city congestion.

Comprising 55 government and private entities in Dubai, the Event Security Committee announced that 32 locations across the city will host fireworks displays. Iconic sites such as Burj Khalifa, The Beach, Bluewaters (JBR), Palm Jumeirah, and Kite Beach are among the notable locations where residents and visitors can witness spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Dubai Road Closures for New Year's Eve 2024 Revealed

Road Closures for New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Dubai

In preparation for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai, the following road closures will be implemented:

  • Al Asayel Street: Closed from 4 pm.
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard: Closed from 4 pm.
  • Burj Khalifa Street: Closed from 4 pm.
  • Lower deck Financial Center Street: Closed from 4 pm.
  • Sukuk (DIFC) Street: Closed from 8 pm.
  • Upper Financial Center Street: Closed from 9 pm.
  • Sheikh Zayed Road: Closed from 9 pm.

Public Transportation Schedule for New Year’s Eve in Dubai

In light of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai, there will be adjustments to the public transportation schedule:

  1. Burj Khalifa Dubai Metro Station Closure: The Burj Khalifa Dubai Metro station will close at 5 pm on New Year’s Eve.
  2. Dubai Tram Operating Hours: The Dubai Tram will operate from 9 am continuously until January 2, offering 40 hours of continuous service to accommodate residents and visitors during the festive period.
  3. Extended Dubai Metro Hours: The Dubai Metro will operate from 8 am until midnight on January 1, 2024, providing extended service hours to facilitate transportation for those attending New Year’s Eve events.

These adjustments aim to ensure convenient and accessible transportation options for the public as they celebrate the arrival of the new year in Dubai.

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Plans:

A press conference held in Dubai outlined the extensive preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Key figures present included Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi (Chairman of the Events Security Committee), Meshal Jalfar (Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services), Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei (Vice Chairman of the Event Security Committee), Major General Dr. Adel Al Suwaidi (Chairman of the Dubai Police Stations Council), Expert Major General Ali Hassan Al Mutawa (Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue Affairs at the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Dubai), and Abdullah Al Ali (Executive Director of Traffic and Roads at the Roads and Transport Authority – RTA).

Security Measures:

  • A unified security plan involves 55 entities collaborating to ensure maximum safety at tourist areas, shopping malls, and during traffic management.
  • The emirate is divided into four sectors—North, Central, West, and the Maritime sector—with seven mobile operations rooms stationed strategically.

Traffic Management:

  • The RTA’s comprehensive traffic plan covers six focus areas to ensure smooth traffic flow and prioritize public transport services.
  • Road closures will be implemented around the Burj Khalifa area, managed by RTA’s operational team in cooperation with Dubai Police and Emaar.

Public Transportation:

  • Dubai Metro’s Red and Green Lines will operate continuously for 40 hours.
  • Dubai Tram will operate for 40 hours.
  • Additional parking spaces (900) will be available outside the event area, with shuttle buses operating from these locations.

Dubai Municipality’s Plan:

  • 2,700 executive and field teams will ensure health, safety, food safety, and cleanliness across celebration sites.
  • Teams will oversee key areas, including Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and various public parks and beaches.

Waste Management:

  • 242 supervisors and monitors, along with 2,281 sanitation workers, will maintain cleanliness around celebration sites.
  • Over 300 waste storage facilities will be provided in crowded locations.

Public Health and Safety:

  • Health and safety teams (63 inspectors) will conduct field visits to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Food safety teams (27 inspectors) will check establishments across event sites.

Dubai Civil Defence:

  • Over 947 firefighters, supported by modern vehicles, will be deployed across celebration sites.

Ambulance Services:

  • 178 ambulances, four boats, 556 paramedics, and 35 supervisors are on standby for 46 events.
  • Ambulance points are earmarked across various areas.

Coordination and Communication:

  • Representatives from various government and private entities are actively collaborating to ensure the success of festivities.

These comprehensive measures aim to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for residents and visitors as they welcome the New Year in Dubai.

Directional Signage and Coordination:

  • Directional signs around the Burj Khalifa area will facilitate pedestrian movement.
  • Traffic signals on key roads will be monitored and controlled for smooth traffic flow.
  • Smart traffic signs will be deployed to inform road users about necessary closures and guide them to alternative routes and parking areas.

Dubai Ambulance Services:

  • A total of 178 ambulances, four boats, 556 paramedics, and 35 supervisors are strategically stationed for prompt emergency response.
  • Ambulance vehicles will be positioned at vital areas, including popular venues like Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, JBR, Bluewaters, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (Burj Khalifa).
  • Additional ambulance points across various areas and extra support for the Hatta Festival have been arranged.

Press Conference Highlights:

  • Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi emphasized a unified security plan involving contributions from 55 entities to secure tourist areas, shopping malls, and manage traffic during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  • A new security mechanism divides the emirate into sectors—North, Central, West, and Maritime—to enhance the efficiency of security operations.
  • Public cooperation, following traffic instructions, and contacting Dubai Police in case of emergencies were stressed for a smooth celebration experience.

Conclusion: Dubai is fully prepared for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, with an intricate plan in place to ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of residents and visitors. The collaborative efforts of various entities, ranging from security and traffic management to health and safety, reflect the commitment to making the festivities memorable and incident-free. As the city gears up for the much-anticipated event, the outlined measures showcase Dubai’s dedication to providing a world-class New Year’s celebration experience.

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