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FBR’s January 15 Order to Block SIMs and Phones of Non-Filers

Starting January 15, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is set to launch an initiative to block SIM cards linked to individuals who are non-filers. This proactive move is aimed at fostering tax compliance and guaranteeing that individuals meeting their tax obligations retain access to mobile network services. The FBR is intensifying its efforts to implement stringent measures targeting non-filers.

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As reported by ProPakistani, non-filers should anticipate the blocking of their mobile SIM cards and phones in the near future, with the FBR intending to issue the Income Tax General order by the specified date. This action underscores the FBR’s commitment to encouraging tax responsibility and establishing a more accountable financial environment. Individuals are advised to ensure their tax filings are in order before the January 15 deadline to prevent any disruption in mobile services.

FBR's January 15 Order to Block SIMs and Phones of Non-Filers

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In addition to the initiative to block SIM cards, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is actively developing a strategy to disconnect electricity for non-filers. However, concerns have arisen regarding the feasibility of this plan, given incomplete data on the electricity connections of non-filers and the potential legal challenges associated with such actions.

It is noteworthy that the FBR has attained a historic milestone by collecting Rs. 1,021 billion in a single month, specifically in December 2023. The official statement from the FBR emphasizes that this achievement surpassed both monthly and six-month financial year targets. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the FBR’s successful efforts in revenue collection, marking a significant stride toward meeting its financial goals.

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