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Ex-PM of Pakistan Speaks Out on Unfair Muzzling of His Party in The Economist Essay

The British magazine ‘The Economist’ is among the trending election-related topics on social media in anticipation of the upcoming elections in Pakistan. On Thursday, January 4, the journal published an article focusing on Imran Khan, the founding chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister, during his imprisonment in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail.

Ex-PM of Pakistan Speaks Out on Unfair Muzzling of His Party in The Economist Essay

Following the response of the caretaker government of Pakistan to The Economist’s article, various comments and discussions have emerged on social media platforms from users. In the article published in the British journal, Imran Khan has conveyed his reservations concerning the upcoming general elections.

On Friday, the caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Murtaza Solangi, issued a statement indicating, “Today we are writing to the editor of The Economist about an alleged article by Imran Khan that was published in this journal.”

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“It is surprising and disturbing that such a prominent media outlet published an article in the name of a person who is in jail and has been convicted,” he added. Currently, ‘The Economist’ is trending at number one in Pakistan with around two and a half lakh retweets.

On the article shared on the Twitter account of ‘The Economist,’ some social media users are calling Imran Khan’s article ‘the same old stuff.’ However, some say that despite raising questions on Imran Khan’s article, Imran Khan’s article written in ‘The Economist’ will be the most-read article in the 17-year history.

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