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Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 December 2023

The interim government has updated the petrol prices in Pakistan for the upcoming two weeks starting from December 1, 2023, to December 15, 2023. As per the provided information, the government has kept the petrol price unchanged, whereas there is a slight decrease in the prices of High-Speed Diesel (HSD), Kerosene Oil, and Light Diesel Oil (LDO).

Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 December 2023
Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 December 2023

As per the announcement, the cost of Petrol remains steady at Rs. 281.34 per liter. However, the price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) has been reduced by Rs. 7.00 per liter. Likewise, there is a decrease in the prices of Kerosene and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) by Rs. 3.08 and Rs. 4.52 per liter, respectively.

While Petrol maintains its price at Rs. 281.34 per liter in Pakistan, High-Speed Diesel (HSD) will now be available at Rs. 289.71 per liter. Concurrently, the new rates for Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) are Rs. 201.16 per liter and Rs. 175.93 per liter, respectively.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan From 1 December 2023

High Speed Diesel (HSD)296.71289.71-7.00
Kerosene Oil204.98201.16-3.82
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)180.45175.93-4.52

Here is a copy of the notification:

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