Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Saudi Arabia Initiates Grand Mosque Division into Coded Zones

  • The Kingdom is implementing measures to facilitate easier access for the faithful to the holiest site.
Saudi Arabia Initiates Grand Mosque Division into Coded Zones

A Saudi state agency responsible for Islam’s two holiest sites has entered an agreement to explore the possibility of dividing the Grand Mosque into coded zones. This initiative, signed with the Saudi Postal and Logistics Company during a conference on services for the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage, aims to facilitate worshippers’ access by providing clear geographical locations and guidance within the expansive area of the Grand Mosque and its surroundings.

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The agreement aims to enhance performance assessment and streamline the distribution of personnel based on accommodation and operational capacity, ensuring top-notch services at the Grand Mosque.

The Grand Mosque in Mecca, housing the Holy Kaaba, attracts millions of Muslims globally for prayers and Umrah pilgrimage annually.

Last year saw a record 13.5 million Umrah pilgrims, according to Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah Tawfiq Al Rabiah.

Saudi Arabia has introduced various facilities for Umrah pilgrims, permitting visa holders to enter through all outlets. Citizens can now invite friends abroad for Umrah, and women pilgrims no longer require male guardians. Expatriates in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries can apply for a tourist visa to perform Umrah, regardless of their profession.

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