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Kuwait Records 285 Cases, Pirates Make Off with $1.6 Million in a Month

  • Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior Takes Swift Action Against Financial Fraud: Recovers Over 1.6 Million USD
Kuwait Records 285 Cases, Pirates Make Off with $1.6 Million in a Month

In a recent announcement, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior revealed its proactive approach in dealing with financial fraud, handling 285 reports between December 7 and January 9 of this year. The total amount involved in these cases amounted to 495,973 dinars, equivalent to approximately 1.62 million US dollars. The ministry has successfully seized these funds in preparation for their recovery.

Emphasizing its commitment to combating financial piracy, fraud, and scams, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior is collaborating with various authorities to implement strict measures in controlling bank piracy operations. These efforts aim to safeguard both citizens and expatriates from falling victim to financial crimes, ensuring a secure financial environment.

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In a concerted effort to combat financial fraud, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has implemented strategic measures, with a primary focus on tracking financial fraud gangs. These criminal groups often utilize fake links sent to bank customers, aiming to steal their money. The initiative also involves tracking reports received by security services affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, responding to victims of fraud, and individuals receiving communications from suspicious parties and scammers specializing in account theft.

As part of these efforts, the “Aman” virtual room has been activated to confront cases of financial fraud and money laundering. This initiative operates in collaboration with the Public Prosecution and the Kuwait Banking Association, ensuring continuous monitoring and response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These proactive measures aim to safeguard the financial interests of both citizens and residents, promoting a secure and resilient financial landscape.

The General Department of Security Relations and Media at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to combatting financial fraud. The ministry is actively opening channels to receive financial fraud reports from all local banks, ensuring immediate interaction and necessary actions upon report receipt.

The statement underscores the ministry’s proactive approach, aiming to freeze funds seized from victims’ accounts in a timely manner. This collaborative effort between the ministry and local banks is crucial in addressing and mitigating the impact of financial fraud, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding the financial well-being of citizens and residents. The Ministry encourages prompt reporting of any suspicious activities, reinforcing its dedication to swift and effective responses against fraudulent activities.

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