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List of PTI Candidates Electoral Symbols for General Elections 2024

List of PTI Candidates Electoral Symbols for General Elections 2024

Candidates from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have formally requested the allocation of independent electoral symbols for the upcoming General Elections (GE) in 2024. As part of this request, all PTI candidates have submitted applications to the Returning Officers, seeking the withdrawal of their Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf – Nazriati (PTI-N) tickets.

This move reflects the candidates’ desire to contest the elections with independent symbols, potentially providing a distinct and individual representation on the electoral ballots. The process of seeking independent symbols is a strategic decision taken by PTI candidates, and it awaits further consideration and approval within the electoral framework. The allocation of independent symbols is a significant aspect of the electoral process, allowing candidates to distinguish themselves and their agendas in the upcoming elections.

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Recent developments within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have sparked speculation about a deliberate shift in the political landscape as PTI candidates seek a departure from the conventional bat symbol. Instead, these candidates are opting for a varied selection of sports equipment as their independent electoral symbols for the upcoming General Elections (GE) in 2024.

The candidates’ applications for independent symbols indicate a strategic move to distinguish themselves and their agendas in the political arena. In response to these requests, the Returning Officers have granted independent symbols to the respective PTI candidates. This shift in symbol choice adds an element of diversity to the electoral process, prompting keen observation of potential implications and strategies within the political landscape leading up to the GE in 2024.

PTI Candidates Independent Electoral Symbols for General Elections 2024

Rana Sajid ShaukatNA-79Wicket
Arqam KhanGujranwalaRacket
Ahmed ChattaNA-66Bowl
Sohail Zafar CheemaGujranwalaPiala
Nasir CheemaGujranwalaRollercoaster
Bilal Nasir CheemaPTI candidateStabilizer
Barrister Taimur MalikMultanClock
Malik Aamir DogarMultanClock
Zain Hussain QureshiMultanShoe
Mehr Bano QureshiMultanChamta
Imran ShaukatMultanTunnel
Dr. Riaz LongMultanClock
Junaid AkbarNA-9Racket
Asif KhanNA-32Lari
Sohail Sultan AdvocateNA-4Goat
Salim Rehman KochmteNA-3 SwatBadge
Bashir KhanNA-6Wicket
Mehboob ShahNA-7Wall Clock
Shandana GulzarNA-30Bowl
Rashid KhanPK-15Bed
Syastullah KhanPK-15Rooster
Mian Umar KakakhelPK-88 NowsheraBadge
Mian Khaliq-ur-Rehman KhattakPK-87 NowsheraPigeon
Shakeel Ahmed KhanPK-23Racket
Humayun KhanPK-15Wall Clock
Fazal HakeemPK-6Cooker
Dr. Amjad AliPK-7Kanshan
Shaukat YousafzaiPK-28 ShanglaRocket

Senate Pushes for Delay, ECP Affirms Timely Polls

As the scheduled date for Pakistan’s General Elections (GE) 2024 approaches on February 8, 2024, a notable divergence in perspectives has emerged. The Senate has passed four resolutions advocating a delay in the polls. In contrast, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has expressed its inability to accept the Senate’s proposal, firmly asserting that elections will be held as scheduled.

The resolutions passed by the Senate, seeking a delay in GE 2024, have triggered discussions about potential reasons and implications behind this proposal. The ECP’s resolute affirmation of maintaining the original schedule underscores the commission’s commitment to conducting elections in accordance with the established timeline.

This difference in viewpoints adds an element of uncertainty to the upcoming elections, prompting heightened attention to the evolving political landscape in the lead-up to the crucial GE in 2024. The clash in perspectives between the Senate and the ECP is expected to be a focal point of discussions within political circles and among the public.

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