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Saudi Riyal Rate In India 23 December 2023 – SAR To INR

Saudi Riyal Rate In India: As of Saturday, December 23, 2023, the State Bank of India has recorded the official exchange rate for Saudi Riyal to Indian Rupees at INR 22.21. It’s essential to be aware that the Saudi Riyal rate in India could vary based on both interbank and open market exchange rates.

Furthermore, fluctuations in foreign currencies may cause the Saudi Riyal rate to fluctuate during the course of the day. Stay updated on potential changes in interbank and open market exchange rates for accurate and timely information.

Saudi Riyal Rate In India 23 December 2023 – SAR To INR
Saudi Riyal Rate In India 23 December 2023

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Saudi Riyal Rate In India 23 December 2023

As of today, December 23 , 2023, the reported exchange rate for SAR to INR is as follows. The current rate of SAR to INR in India is available for reference here.

23 December 2023INR 21.71INR 22.21

Latest Gold rate in Saudi Arabia

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How much is 100 Saudi ₹ in India?

Saudi Arabian Riyals to Indian Rupees conversion rates
1 SAR = 22.21 INR
10 SAR = 222.10 INR
50 SAR = 1,110.50 INR
100 SAR = 2,221.00 INR
200 SAR = 4,442.00 INR
500 SAR = 11,105.00 INR
1000 SAR = 22,210.00 INR

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